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Family Law

Family law matters of all types are often adversarial and stressful for the client. The anger or heartbreak associated with the end of a relationship can become overwhelming when issues related to custody or visitation with children, child or spousal support, asset or debt division, or others arise. During such a difficult time, each client will have numerous questions that need to be answered so that they can make informed decisions about the future, no matter what type of family law matter they are encountering.

At Johnson & Associates Law Offices, P.C., we see the effective family law attorney as one who assists the client to reach realistic goals in as expeditious a time frame as possible. This is accomplished by personally meeting and working with each client to identify their primary objectives, then providing the client with as much information necessary on each issue to enable the client to recognize which expectations are realistic and achievable. The attorney will then identify and communicate options and alternatives for each case which would allow the client to achieve these reasonable goals.

Family law matters at Johnson & Associates are primarily handled by Laura Mancuso and Erin Priest. Laura and Erin are knowledgeable and experienced attorneys. They are dedicated to assisting clients through difficult times by treating each one with respect and courtesy. Laura and Erin strive to address client questions in a timely manner, keep costs down whenever possible, and provide effective representation in every case. Staff persons are trained to help them accomplish these goals as well. Johnson & Associates represents both men and women in numerous areas of family law, such as Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity, Child Custody, Child Support, Visitation, Legal Separation, Premarital or Prenuptial Agreements, Spousal Support, Relocation Proceedings, Parenting Plan Modifications, Child Support Modifications, and others.

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