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Wills & Estate Planning

Johnson & Associates assists clients with their estate planning by listening to their needs and preferences, identifying and analyzing what services they need and would find helpful, and achieving those objectives. Let our attorneys assist you with the drafting and execution of your estate planning documents, including the following:

  • Wills – whether married, divorced, separated, or single
  • Community property agreements
  • Trusts – whether testamentary, revocable or irrevocable trust
  • Powers of Attorney – useful for short-term (called “special power of attorney”) or for long-term (called “durable power of attorney”)

A power of attorney is useful when traveling to designate someone to house sit and care for pets while you are away. You can also designate a health care proxy, give power to someone to file your tax return, or handle various other situations with a power of attorney.

Preparing a Will is not just about drafting the document and ensuring legal requirements are met to make it valid. An experienced attorney can guide you with selecting the right person to be designated as the personal representative for your estate and think of possible future scenarios which may affect you and how your possessions are distributed after death such as the tragic event of a child dying before the parent. We also prepare health care directives and can clarify what you would or would not want for medical treatment if you were unable to speak for yourself.

Proper planning can help reduce stress for loved ones in administering an estate. It can help you feel confident that your wishes are known and will be properly carried out. Contact us at (360) 718-2235 or click here for an appointment to review your objectives and discuss which options are best for you and your family.

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