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CPS Dependency

There may be nothing more traumatic or terrifying than having your child removed from your care by Child Protective Services. The legal process, referred to as a Dependency case, that begins with such a removal is confusing, frustrating and scary. It is a process that feels as though you are presumed guilty until proven innocent. It is a process which you should not attempt to navigate without competent legal counsel.

You may be asked to “voluntarily” place your child in State care for 30 days or more, often in the presence of a number of CPS and DSHS case workers or even law enforcement officers. You may be asked to sign releases which entitle CPS and law enforcement to access otherwise confidential information. You may be pressed to admit things which you don’t know to be true. All without anyone telling you that you are entitled to legal counsel.

Dependency and Termination of Parental Rights cases involve an area of knowledge and expertise in which most attorneys do not frequently practice. The attorneys at Johnson & Associates are experienced in all aspects of dealing with the child welfare system. We literally practice in this field every day. We represent parents who want to be reunified with their kids and who are willing to do what is necessary to make that happen.

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