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Personal Injury

When someone causes injury through negligent conduct, our legal system provides a process which is designed to hold that person accountable for all of the harm caused by that conduct. This is based on the simple notion that people should be accountable for their actions. These injuries can occur in a huge variety of contexts, including auto collisions, nursing home neglect and construction site negligence, to name a few.

In today’s world, victims of negligent conduct are usually forced to deal with large and powerful insurance companies when seeking fair compensation for their injuries. These companies are large organizations, with vast resources at their disposal designed to prevent injured people from receiving full and fair compensation. It has been said that, “The success of the insurance industry is measured by the collection of your premiums and the denial of your claims.” And the insurance industry is very successful. They hire lawyers, doctors and other professionals to represent their interests. It is important that the injured person also has a competent team of professionals working for him or her.

At Johnson & Associates Law Offices, P.C., we employ a team concept in representing injured victims. Our attorneys have over fifty years of combined courtroom experience in representing injured victims. Each of our attorneys brings his or her own unique strengths to a case. Working with our clients’ doctors and other professionals, our team approach to litigation provides our clients with the type of expertise necessary to hold people who negligently injure others, as well as their insurance companies, accountable for their actions. When you retain one of our attorneys, you get the entire team in your corner.

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