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Entrepreneurship can be both exhilarating and treacherous. It is important to have experienced and practical legal counsel as part of your team during the creation, formation, launch and operation of your small business enterprise. Beginning with the choice of what type of business entity you will use, and continuing with such things as employment contracts, compliance with state filing requirements, vendor and supplier contracts, banking relationships and a myriad of other details, competent business counsel can be critical to the survival of your dream. The attorneys at Johnson & Associates Law Offices, P.C. have more than thirty years’ experience in working with our small business clients on such matters. That experience includes service on the Boards of directors of local enterprises, as well as the operation of their own enterprises spanning a diverse range of industries. We actually understand the challenges and requirements that face small business in this locality and region.

Washington law permits you to set up and operate your business through various business structures, the most typical of which are:

Limited Liability Companies

Whether you are planning to form an LLC, or already have an operating LLC, we assist our clients in forming, organizing, maintaining, restructuring and dissolving LLCs. While the LLC is often the best entity to hold real estate investment properties, it is not necessarily the best vehicle for many other businesses.


A corporation is a legal entity, which can only exist under the law of the state in which it is formed or registered. A Board of directors usually establishes the goals and policies of a corporation, and elects officers to carry out those goals. Setting up a business as a corporation can limit its shareholders’ personal liability. Another advantage to setting up a corporation is that it will usually continue to exist after the death of its owner or shareholders. Whether you are wondering whether to incorporate, or have an established corporation, we assist our clients in forming, organizing, maintaining, restructuring and dissolving the corporate entity.

Sole Proprietorship

Even if the relative simplicity and lower cost of operating as a sole proprietorship appeals to you at the outset of the life of your business, you should still consider other factors before placing your personal assets at risk. Competent business counsel can advise you regarding the risks and benefits of this type of business structure.

General Partnerships

If you are planning to enter into a business relationship with another person, we can prepare your partnership agreement and/or buy-sell agreement. If you have an established partnership, but are seeking limited liability protection we can assist you with the conversion of your partnership into a corporation.

Washington law requires certain business entities to update their records with the Washington Secretary of State and/or Department of Licensing on an annual basis. This is done by filing annual reports. We can help you prepare and file your reports, prepare your annual and special corporate minutes, resolutions, and/or amendments, and if you are a foreign business entity, we can assist you in the domestication of your business entity.

We have extensive experience in forming many types of Washington business entities. Call us at (360) 718-2235 or click here if you need assistance in setting up a business entity that is right for you.

Conflicts can develop between business partners, corporate shareholders, limited liability company interest holders, buyers and sellers, and parties to a contract. Understanding your rights and responsibilities is critical to success in such a conflict. You need an attorney who can review and understand your agreements, and who knows the law; an advisor who can counsel you, not only about your legal rights, but also about what is the best course of action for you under your particular circumstances. We can assist you in evaluating your rights and remedies if and when a dispute arises. Call us today at (360) 718-2235 or click here if you are involved in a dispute.

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